KCR continues tirade against Chandrababu

KCR continues tirade against Chandrababu

Hyderabad: TRS supremo and Caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today continued his tirade against his Andhra Pradesh counterpart and TD Chief N Chandrababu Naidu for “meddling” in Telangana elections, which was not his business. He lashed out at his arch rival stating that Naidu was nurturing conspiracies against the youngest State in the guise of polls. “Teach TD Chief Naidu and TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy alliance as a befitting lesson by defeating them in the ensuing elections, he appealed to the people.

Addressing public meetings at several places to support the TRS candidates, KCR wooed the people of sops, including increasing pensions, completing irrigation projects and providing all facilities and resolve the issues with a focus on welfare and development. “The past governments tried to paint a gloomy picture if separate Telangna State was conceded as the Telangana leaders have no knowledge to rule. Though we have disproved their comments and tide over power crisis, completing the projects to turn green one crore acres over a period”. he said, adding that “In the combined State we faced difficulties for over 38 years and then TD regime ignored blatantly the farmers and people in our region.

The Congress-led UPA regime delayed the statehood and delivered it only upon being pressed and not with affection at all, he clarified. “Now that the Congress wants to bring Chandrababu back to power while the TRS has thrown him to Amaravathi”, he said. “Do we need Chandrababu in our State or can we rule on our own”, he thundered. KCR promised to provide 12 per cent reservations to STs and Muslims by fighting with the Centre if the TRS was voted to power on December 7 elections for the Assembly. “Be cautious about the nefarious designs of the TD and the Congress that the Andhra rulers giving sword and Telangana leader using it to stab us”, he cautioned.

“The Congress, which cannot take on me a slim person, has befriended with TD and planned to bring dark days back”, he said. “The people should think without the need for confusion as to whom they should vote, KCR appealed. He also asked the people whether they want the terms of Chandrababu from Amaravathi or Rahul Gandhi from Delhi if the Congress-led Peoples’ Front wins by default.

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