KCR is Crushed Judiciary under its feet, Sravan Dasoju

KCR is Crushed Judiciary under its feet, Sravan Dasoju

Hyderabad: Congress chief spokesman, Dr Sravan Dasoju, in a press meet at Gandhi Bhavan, has alleged that the Telangana government has created most vulnerable circumstances enforcing Advocate General Prakash Reddy to resign from his post. Sravan accused that KCR has Crushed Judiciary under its feet dismantling the pillars of democracy.

He said that AG will only interpret the law defending government stand, but certainly shall not implement the instructions of chief minister. And if that happens there is no sanctity of judiciary system. Dr Sravan accused that when the AG disregarded CM irrationals irrational instructions, he was forced to resign from the post.

It is tight slap on the face govt, Sravan expressed. Sravan opined that AG has resigned from the post only because TRS government humiliated him for his honest agreement to produce the complete video evidence in the high court. .

He said the Congress MLAs have protested well within their rights during the Governor’s address to the joint of legislature. During the protest, he said the video recordings showed Mr Komatireddy Venkat Reddy threw his earphone in the air. It did not show that the earphone hitting Legislative Council chairman. If the earphone had actually hit the Council chairman, how is it that six cameras – two of which exclusively focused on the

podium – used in the proceeding did not show the incident.

Sravan alleged that If TRS Govt is truthful, why is the government planning to hire a Supreme Court lawyer spending crores of rupees? Is it no to mislead and maneuver the case proceedings.

Sravan demanded that at least now in the light of AG resignation, the govt must withdraw the disqualification of two MLAs and tender an apology to congress Party.