Is KCR involved in TV9 sales transaction?

Is KCR involved in TV9 sales transaction?

Hyderabad: The TV9 itself is confirming that its management is changing and its original promoter, Srini Raju is disassociating himself with the channel.

In this connection, very thrilling speculations are making rounds. Although, Associated Broadcasting Company Limited of which TV9 is a constituent has clarified that the present CEO Ravi Prakash and two noted international investors will still continue to have grip on the administration. It is no other but KCR himself is reportedly behind this transaction.

Reliable sources indicated that Megha Engineering and Infrastructure and Real Estate Tycoon, Jopuli Rameshwar Rao will have major share with My Home Group and Mr. Ravi Prakash since they are his confidants.

According to the latest reports, Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited and My Home Group enjoy the confidence of KCR family.

It is very surprising that Sri Raju had offered Rs. 485 crore to the management. Times Group had also offered more amount for it but it was rejected by him.

It is now needless to say that due to these reasons, TV9 channel has been telecasting pro-KCR programs for the past two days. It is also being said that the ruling party TRS has already laid its grip on many media houses. TV9 could be its latest asset.

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