Kerala CM Vijayan slammed the RSS

Kerala CM Vijayan slammed the RSS
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Chennai: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has slammed the RSS, accusing it of trying to impose a unitary structure of “Hindu, Hindi, Hindusthan”.

Addressing the “State Autonomy Conference”, organised by Viduthalai Chiruthagal Katchi (VCK) here yesterday, Vijayan alleged that the RSS and “its directed BJP” were trying to “break” the concept of federalism.

“The RSS wants to weaken states. As part of that, they are encroaching on federalism and trying to create a unitary structure of Hindi, Hindu and Hindusthan. The BJP is (also) doing that but such efforts must be foiled,” he alleged.

Many incidents proved this, he said but did not specify.

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A vocal critic of the Sangh and the BJP, Vijayan alleged that the RSS was not prepared to “recognise” that India was a multi-lingual, multi-cultural nation where one could spot differences even in the way the same attire was worn by different people.

“But the RSS is not ready to accept it and is trying to impose one culture, one language concept,” he claimed.

The RSS and the BJP have taken up a “national agenda” to “shatter” the concept of federalism, he alleged.

“The Congress first started the attack on federalism, the BJP is expanding the boundaries,” he alleged while referring to the dismissal of the communist government in Kerala in 1959 by the then central government.

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Vijayan said the Constitution stressed on federalism and therefore efforts must be continued to strengthen it besides democracy.

“A review of federalism and centre-state relations is required to protect democracy,” he added.

The chief minister also alleged that the Centre was “interfering” in states’ rights and charged that their financial rights had been “snatched away” following the establishment of Niti Aayog in place of Planning Commission.

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Although concepts like federalism and autonomy were discussed even during India’s freedom struggle, they were now being debated more vigorously, Vijayan added.