Kerala floods: Here’s how right wing ideologues spread fake information

Kerala floods: Here’s how right wing ideologues spread fake information
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Kerala: In the recent past, fake information on social media has not only tried to change the views of the people but also triggered many lynching incidents in the country. Currently, there is a rise in the number of incidents of spreading fake information on social media. Some believe that the reason behind the rise in fake information is the upcoming General Elections of 2019.

Recently, right-wing ideologues had reportedly spread fake information related to Kerala floods and “JASHN-E-AZADI” celebrations in West Bengal on 14th August.

Kerala is facing worst flood and on the other hand, right-wing ideologues are busy in reportedly spreading fake information. They shared photos of RSS worker and claimed that the activists are helping Kerala floods victims.

However, as per the report published in The Print, these photos were taken in August last year when RSS workers were helping victims of floods in Gujarat.

In another incident, a tweet questioned TMC for “Jashn-e-Azadi” celebrations on 14th August in West Bengal. It was written, ” Please look into this matter. Shame politics by T.M.C in W.B what is the meaning of “JASHN-E-AZADI” & also date mentioned 14th Aug. Are they Pakistanis. Need to step regarding this matter”.

According to the report published in Alt News, Mushairas and Kavi Sammelans are routinely organized on 14th August, which is the eve of Independence Day.

It also reported that President of India also addresses the nation on 14th August every year.

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