Khus Khus Ka Halwa

Khus Khus Ka Halwa
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1 Cup Milk

2/4 Cup Ghee

1 Cup Khus Khus

1 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Makhane

7-8 Nos Pistachios, chopped

7-8 Nos Makhane

7-8 Nos Almonds, chopped

1/2 tsp Cradamom Powder


Take a bowl and soak 1 cup of Khus Khus in it for some time.

Drain the water and grind the khus khus to make a paste out of it.

Take ghee in a pan and add makhane to it. Roast them for a minute.

In another pan, take half cup ghee and add khus khus paste to it.

Mix well and add sugar to the pan. Mix them and add cardamom powder. Mix thoroughly.

Add a cup of milk to the paste. Stir thoroughly. Cover and let the mix cook for a while on a low flame.

Uncover at the simmering point and add almonds, pistachios and makhane.

Mix the nuts thoroughly with the entire cooked halwa. Serve hot with generous garnishing of chopped nuts.