‘Kissing Baba’ arrested for sexually exploiting devotees

‘Kissing Baba’ arrested for sexually exploiting devotees

Assam: ‘Kissing Baba’ as he is commonly known in the region, self-proclaimed God man was arrested for sexually exploiting female devotees in Assam’s Morigaon region.

Kissing baba identified as Ram Prakash Chouhan was arrested after the Police learnt about his ways of welcoming female devotees who would approach Chouhan for their issues.

He claimed to have powers of Lord Vishnu and his kiss will cure any physical illness including marital issues and other health problems, IBT report added.

According to the Police this baba had been doing this for over three months and was quite popular among the people in the area.

The Morigaon Police arrested Chouhan on charges of fake propaganda
There have been various similar incidents in the past where Chouhan like self acclaimed babas were exposed.

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