Land grabbing in Chandrayangutta, Two held

Land grabbing in Chandrayangutta, Two held
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The Chandrayangutta Police have arrested two accused Mohammed Jamal Uddin alias Sohail and Abdul Rahim Bavazir (Reporter) wanted in land grabbing cases relating to Bandlaguda Undha Colony.

The Hyderabad City Police followed SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). As per SOP, no person should be displaced or dispossessed unless until there was a specific court order along with Court bailiff. If anybody violates the SOP, instantly legal action will be initiated on the violators by police, otherwise departmental action will be initiated against the police.

Mohammed Jamal Uddin and some hired persons dispossessed 13 houses, including open plots by using their muscle power in Undha Colony. They also partially damaged a Masjid existing since a long time. Mohammed Jamal Uddin erected boards as “This land & house belong to Mohammed Jamal Uddin”.
One of the hired associates of Mohammed Jamal Uddin by name one Farzana Begum previously grabbed some lands at Pahadisharif and Chandrayangutta police limits. The accused were not in possession of the land since the last 60 years either physically or as per the revenue and other concerned records. However, the accused and his mercenaries tried their level best to occupy the innocent people’s houses. Already 10 persons, including one reporter Santosh and a rowdy sheeter Syed Bhamed were arrested by Chandrayngutta police.

The accused used to influence the police by giving false social media postings and used to publish articles in their favour because three of them are said to be media reporters. Other two land grabbers Habeeb Mohammad and Mohammed Ahmed Khan alias Sarkari Pasha got bail from the High Court in other cases. The accused filed a case in CID and were giving unnecessary leaks to the media to influence the police. (NSS)