Land survey: Wakf lands under threat

Land survey: Wakf lands under threat
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Hyderabad: There is a great threat to the Wakf lands during the ongoing land survey of Govt. of Telangana. The works pertaining to land survey has already been started from 15th September but no effort has been made by Wakf Board to get itself associated with the survey.

According to the reports, the persons cultivating on the wakf lands for the past so many years have been claiming ownership rights on the basis of the revenue records. Due to non-representation of Wakf Board Officials, the ownership of these cultivators is likely to be made permanent.

Since Govt. of Telangana has declared that Rs. 8000 per acre would be given as subsidy to the cultivators for two crops, people are making attempts to claim ownerships of the cultivated lands.

Wakf Board has not handed over its records to the revenue department so far. It cannot expect positive action by sitting in the city. Ultimately, it will lose many wakf lands situated in rural areas. Announcements were made on several occasions that Wakf inspectors would be included in the survey team. It was also declared that Chairman of Wakf Board made a representation to Chief Secretary. In turn, Chief Secretary instructed the Wakf Board to produce relevant wakf records of lands but so far no action has been taken. Wakf Board had entrusted the responsibility of monitoring the land survey work to some of its members but so far, no member has visited any district.

Govt. is wonderstruck as to why Wakf Board is not interested in protecting its properties whereas endowment Dept. constituted special teams in each district and its officials are engaged in identifying endowment lands.

Wakf Board is under the impression that the scrutiny of wakf land would be taken up in the second phase of the survey but by that time, some of the wakf lands could be entered as privately owned properties.

Wakf Board has taken a decision to be a probe into the decision taken before the formation of the present Wakf Board. For the past three years, the portfolio of Wakf was with the CM. This decision of the board amounts to taking action against the Govt. In the recently held meeting of the Wakf Board, only 6 members were present whereas the presence of seven members is required to pass any resolution. In such a situation, the resolution passed by the board automatically gets cancelled.

–Siasat News