Lawsuit filed against Apple after company admits to slowing down older iPhones

Lawsuit filed against Apple after company admits to slowing down older iPhones

San Francisco: Two persons sued Apple company after it admitted to slowing down older iPhone. The company made this announcement on Thursday.

According to the report published in BRG, two persons by name, Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit alleges that the decision of the company amounts to “breach of contract”. It also claims that this decision of Apple lowers the resale value of older iPhones and indirectly pressures iPhone owners to upgrade to newer mobile model.

Although company admits to the slowing down of older model iPhone, its users claimed that they had noticed system slowdown with iOS updates earlier.

When issue spotted on Reddit, Geekbench founder John Poole started testing various iPhone models. He found that Apple limits performance on older iPhone to converse battery life.

Finally, on Thursday, Apple confirmed that it intentionally slows the performance of older iPhones as batteries weaken from age.

“Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices,” an Apple spokesperson said in response to an AFP inquiry.

The feature, which slows performance to demand less power, has been extended to iPhone 7 handsets with the latest iOS operating software and will be added to other Apple products “in the future,” the spokesperson said.

It may be mentioned that Apple releases new iPhone models annually, and sales of the handsets power its money-making engine.

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