Left parties call people to make Sept 10 Strike a big success

Hyderabad: Left parties’ leaders from CPI, CPM, RSP, SUCI have called upon the people to make nation-wide strike a big success in the States on September 10.

Speaking to the media at Maqdhoom Bhavan here on Saturday, Dr Sudhakar (CPI), DG Narasingarao (CPM), Bala Mallesh (RSP), Murahari (SUCI) said the people have to participate in the strike in big way to lodge protest against the Narendra Modi government for increasing the prices of petrol, diesel and increasing suicides, falling rupee value, caste and religion attacks and Rs 4 lakh crore loan waiver to corporate companies, Rafale War Flights scam, demonetization, increasing unemployment, hike in prices of essential commodities.

They said they will organize Motor Cycle rally on Sunday from Maqdhoom Bhavan to campaign on the proposed strike on September 10. They said they will organize a protest rally from Bus Bhavan to RTC crossroads on September 10. They called upon the party activists to make the strike a big success in all the district headquarters.