Legal notice slapped on blasphemous ‘Aaj Tak’ anchor Rohit Sardana

Legal notice slapped on blasphemous ‘Aaj Tak’ anchor Rohit Sardana
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New Delhi: Allahabad High Court’s senior advocate Farman Ahmed Naqvi sent notice to the blasphemous anchor who committed blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) wife Ayesha (raa), daughter Fatima (raa) and Maryam (as). The senior advocate slapped notice on Rohit Sardana and Director of News channel Arun Puri on behalf of his clients, Imam and Khateeb of Jama Masjid Syed Hasan Raza Zaidi and Chairman Asar Foundation Shaukat Abidi.


It has been demanded to take action against the anchor within 10 days of receiving the notice and warned to move to court on failure of action. The notice has been sent under sections 295, 295 (A), 298, 153 and 34.


Shaukat Abidi said large scale protests were carried out across the country against the blasphemy, FIR was lodged at several places, a memorandum comprising signatures of nearly 2000 people were sent to DM and SP but no action was taken in this regard. Hence the legal notice has been sent to the blasphemer.


He further said if Rohit Sardana is not suspended from the news channel and the channel doesn’t render an apology we will be forced to take legal action against the channel. If no action is taken within 10 days a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) will be filed.