Let societal taboos not triumph over your desires: Suhasi Dhami

Let societal taboos not triumph over your desires: Suhasi Dhami
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New Delhi: Actress Suhasi Dhami, who essays a widow with a 15-year-old daughter in the ongoing TV show “Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se”, says people must not let society’s pressure hinder their personal relationships.

“Age must not be considered a hindrance when it comes to love and the so-called societal taboos must not triumph over one’s true desires,” Suhasi told the media here.

In the show, her character develops a liking for a man 18 years her junior. But their bond is not taken well by their parents and neighbours.

Suhasi was in the capital to promote the Zee TV show.

She was asked about the show’s relevance given the Supreme Court’s recent tough stand that nobody has the right to interfere if two adults get married.

Suhasi said: “Yes, the Supreme Court says so, but then we all know that when and if our parents go against a relationship, then how many times will we rebel?

“Several times such cases do not even reach the court. They begin and finish within the family as a ‘family matter’. We have heard so many times that a murder took place (honour killing)… These matters hardly reach the court. Even when they do, how they are handled and suppressed, we all know that as well. It is not a secret.”