Lily Allen drank a bottle of vodka a day

Lily Allen drank a bottle of vodka a day

London: Singer Lily Allen, 33, has detailed a secret battle with alcohol which – at its worst – saw her consume a bottle of vodka each day.

At one point, during her tour in 2014, she even struggled to decipher between hard liquor and still water, reports

Her revelation comes in an interview with the new issue of men’s magazine, GQ.

She said: “I was drinking a bottle of Grey Goose (vodka) a day. Part of it was I was really heavy after I gave birth to Marnie, my youngest, and I lost a lot of weight.”

“I was trying to meet the beauty standards and wasn’t eating and I felt very insecure about the way I looked.”

“I lost my house and my kids started to feel distant and I broke up with my husband.”

To combat this, she completed six months of sobriety. She also attended 90 dependency meetings.


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