Lions attack ‘Gaushala’ in Gujarat, mauled 15 cows

Lions attack ‘Gaushala’ in Gujarat, mauled 15 cows
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RAJKOT: A group of lions attacked a ‘gaushala’ and mauled as many as 15 cows within just 45 minutes.

According to Times Of India, the unusual behaviour reported to have happened at Juni Vag haniya village near Bagasara town on Monday night in Bhaktidham gaushala which sheltered nearly 300 cows and calves.

The incident took place at around 8:30 pm when five or more lions entered the gaushala and went on a killing spree.

“We suspect there were at least five lions. They somehow entered the gau shala at around 8.30pm and went on a killing spree till around 9.15pm,” Kalu Rupareliya, a resident of the village to TOI.

As per wildlife experts said lions display such unusually aggressive behaviour when the animals in confined areas they are targeting got panicked.

Former member of National Board for Wild Life Divya Bhanu Singh Chavda said,”When cattle confined in a limited space panic and start running helter-skelter, lions too display such abnormally aggressive behaviour as they also feel threatened.”