Luc Besson not working on ‘Lucy’ sequel

Luc Besson not working on ‘Lucy’ sequel

London: Filmmaker Luc Besson has denied that he is working on the sequel to surprise 2014 hit “Lucy”.

The statement comes days after head of Besson’s studio, EuropaCorp, “confirmed” that the sequel would happen, reported Digital Spy.

Near the end of a lengthy post aimed at journalists on his Instagram, the director said: “For info: no I do not prepare Lucy 2. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow. Yet this fake News has been around the world thanks to you ….”

“You will say to me: ‘It is not very serious.’ It is true, you are right… But it is ‘false’ and normally this word should not be part of your vocabulary, because if we can no longer (believe you), how do we hold a democracy?” Our freedom depends on your integrity,” he added.

The initial report read that CEO Marc Shmuger had said EuropaCorp was actively developing a sequel to “Lucy”.


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