Luxury cars of Pakistan’s PM House likely to be auctioned

Islamabad: Under austerity drive, Pakistan’s newly elected government decided to auction the luxury cars of Pakistan’s Prime Minister House.

According to the report published in Hindustan Times, this auction is scheduled to be held on 17th September at Pakistan’s Prime Minister House.

The cars which will be auctioned include eight BMWs, three cars of 2014 model, three 5000cc SUVs, two 3000cc SUVs of 2016 model, four Mercedes Benz cars of 2016 model. Apart from these cars, many other vehicles are planned to be auctioned at the decided venue.

It may be mentioned that after become Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan started staying in the three-bedroom house of his military secretary.

Earlier, he had made it clear that he would not stay in PM House in order to cut the expenditure.

It may be noted that 524 staff members work at Pakistan’s PM House.