Madhya Pradesh: Educating values to a child from the womb of a mother

Madhya Pradesh: Educating values to a child from the womb of a mother

Madhya Pradesh: In order to up bring children with patriotic and Indian cultural values, the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh is planning to design a new parenting course which intends to educate values to a child from the womb itself.

According to the news reported in Hindustan Times, in this direction, the Madhya Pradesh women and child development department and the higher education department have joined hands together in designing a new parenting course.

For this, anganwadis will be roped in to educate mothers regarding the nutrition and information for parenting. The government is planning to introduce this course in academic level also. To develop this course for future parents, relious leaders, educationists, doctors, engineers came together.

The Women and child development minister Archana Chitnis said that “The Course for the mothers will include excerpts from holybooks, inspirational stories from the lives of social reformers, and devotional and patriotic songs throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. Information about the inculcation, nutrition for mother and child would also be given.”

She further added that “Poor upbringing is the root cause of all problems-be it terrorism,anti-national activities, family issues like divorce or abandoning aged parents. All these will cease.”

The initiative is also hoped to provide employment opportunities for the youth.

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