Mandir tha, mandir hai, aur mandir rahega: UP CM

Mandir tha, mandir hai, aur mandir rahega: UP CM

Lucknow: Looks like BJP party led UP government is interested in communalizing the state by changing centuries-old regions name and replacing them with Hindu names.

Okay, does replacing the centruries-old name with Hindu names change or turn a state into a communal state.

At least that is what the ruling party’s message is hinting at looking at the current scenario of UP.

After replacing Faizabad district as ‘Ayodhya’, UP CM attending ‘Deepotsav’ event organized in the pilgrim town has thanked people for making Diwali a success in the state along with confirming his plans to establish Lord Ram’s statue at the river banks of Sarayu river.

He also offered prayers on the occasion of Diwali a day after renaming Faizabad district.

Speaking to media, Yogi said, “The Centre and the state government has made a lot of programs and I have personally surveyed many places.”

“We are also taking steps to maintain the Sarayu River. We are also mulling doing away with live wires and introducing underground cabling.”

“Scores of people from India as well as abroad visit Ayodhya and steps will be implemented to ensure cleanliness of the place. Depending on the availability of land, we will also come up with a place for destitute women and orphaned children,” he added.

When asked on demands for construction of Ram Temple at the disputed site, the CM said,”We have identified a few spots for the Ram statue and in the days to come, we will also hold discussions regarding it. Ayodhya is identified by Lord Ram.’Mandir tha, mandir hai, aur mandir rahega’.”

He also said, “After Ayodhya, our focus will be on Kumbh.”

Faridabad is the second renamed city after Allahabad with Yogi Adityanath as UP’s CM, OneIndia reports.

“We have come here to assure you that nobody can do injustice to Ayodhya, no force in the world can do that,” he said.

The CM has also announced setting up a new airport and medical college in Ayodhya district.

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