Maldives: Anti-Indian editorial column in daily paper receives criticism

Maldives: Anti-Indian editorial column in daily paper receives criticism
Photo: PTI

Maldives: Narendra Modi is the most famous name searched on Social media thanks to his controversial moves that is shaping India such as demonetization, digital India, to name a few and now he is also termed as a Hindu extremist an anti-Muslim according to an editorial column published in Maldives local daily-pro-Abdulla Yameen.

The paper went on further to describe Indian politics and India as the enemy nation along with expressing the country should now make China as “new best friend” for the Maldives. Maldives is the only neighboring country left PM is yet to visit.

The editorial has accused India of plotting against the Yameen government. It also said that India is acting against International Laws in Kashmir and is also helping the Tamil Terrorists in Sri Lanka.

Now, this article is believed to be an “outrageous” one that has invited huge protest by the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) which believes that India should be aware of this developing hostility and dangers of overindulging the Yameen administration affairs under the President Yameen.

Maldives former foreign minister Ahmed Naseem who is also an MDP leader speaking to TOI told that more robust Indian corrective measures will be in the interest of both India and the Maldives adding that, “Appeasement with wishful thinking is not going to solve this crisis.”

Opposition leaders like former presidents Mohamed Nasheed and Maumoon Abdul Gayoom have castigated the article.

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom said, “I condemn the article…that brands India as an enemy of Maldives. Outrageous! No Maldivian in his right mind would subscribe to such views. India has been and remains a very close and trusted friend of Maldives.’

While Mohammed Nasheed said, “anti-India diatribe in regime mouthpiece”. “Prez YAG’s reckless foreign policy is destroying our relationship with India. The Maldives must be sensitive to India’s security and safety.”

Indian officials have not made any comments about the editorial but India had last week reminded Male of its policy with the MEA which says India expects the Maldives to be sensitive to its political concerns, TOI reported.

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