Malpractice, EVMs rigging: Mamata launched attack at EC

Malpractice, EVMs rigging: Mamata launched attack at EC

Calcutta: BJP’s victory has amidst EVM digging rumours, theories have indeed left Opposition fueled with anger, doubts raising questions on the role of the Election Commission (EC) in conducting the polls.

“The Election Commission is the man of the match of this election. It openly supported the BJP… The central forces worked for them,” the Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee breaking her silence told yesterday.

“This election was marred by use of communal politics and abuse of money power. We went to the EC and the Supreme Court and lodged complaints against the malpractices but no one listened to us,” Mamata launched an attack on the poll panel after the results.

Hinting at malpractices that has made BJP victorious by huge mandate, Ms Bannerjee said: “In many states like Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan or in Delhi, one party got all seats while the Opposition didn’t get even one seat. You call it an election? I don’t… I don’t believe in this mandate.”

There is no wonder if people are having doubts about BJP’s huge mandate this elections she says.

“When Rajiv Gandhi got 400-plus seats in 1984, no one had suspicion in their minds. When (Atal Bihari) Vajpayeeji won the second time, even then there were no questions. But this time, there are doubts,” she said.

She also indicated at EVMs rigging. “I am convinced there was a setting (in EVMs)… There may have been some programming done beforehand. There are technical issues involved. We are surveying the results.”

“I have heard BJP leaders would go with CISF jawans in tow and ask, how many voters at your home? If there were five, they would straight away give Rs 25,000, meaning Rs 5,000 for each voter. They would even transfer money to the account of the voters. Is this an election?” she asked.

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