Man blames demonetisation; kills four family members, attempts suicide

Man blames demonetisation; kills four family members, attempts suicide
Dhamodharan with wife and two children. Pic: India Today

Chennai: Not able to bear the burden of debts and to provide for his family members, a man on Tuesday killed her mother, wife along with his two children, and then attempted suicide in Chennai.

Dhamodharan was found with his throat slit, barely alive next to the bodies of his mother, wife, 5 years old daughter and 7 years old son, cited India Today.

He was shifted to the hospital and a murder case was registered against him by Sankar Nagar Police.

According to the reports, Dhamodharan wrote a letter to his brother-in-law, where he mentioned an irrecoverable loss in his business.

In his suicide note, he explained the unfortunate situation of his family. He described how his business as a cloth store owner failed completely post demonetisation.

Pic: India Today

“My family had to suffer a lot along with me. I wished to kill myself only, but I didn’t want to put them into more trouble by not being with them. That is why I took this decision,” Dhamadharan wrote in his suicide note.

On the last page of his suicide note, Dhamodharan wrote: “After Central government introduced demonetisation, my business only went down the hill and could never recover. I borrowed money again and again, but those who are supposed to give me money were unable to do so. If this situation continues, many more families would have to face the same fate. It is very unfortunate that the state government is not bothered as well.”