McDonald’s outlet served coffee with cockroach legs

McDonald’s outlet served coffee with cockroach legs

Bangkok: Eating out be at famous food restaurants or exotic places is always a good and a memorable experience but what often concerns many people is the hygienic conditions these eateries would maintain.

And most often people experience incidents that only hygiene maintenance can be blamed for which would haunt them and would never let them visit these eateries ever again.

In a post that went viral on Facebook, a man revealed his unlucky experience he had at one of McDonald’s outlet in Thailand.

The man ordered coffee which did arrive but to his horror, it had tiny little brown bits which turned out to be cockroach legs.

At first, the man assumed his coffee glass to be dirty and approached the counter, but to his shock, the staff found more cockroach legs present in the coffee as they poured him another cup.

The famous fast food giant admitted the incident to be true and apologized for the same.

The post that went viral on social media was shared by thousands.

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