Meet Mohammed Imtiyaz who wants to serve ‘unnoticed’

Meet Mohammed Imtiyaz who wants to serve ‘unnoticed’
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Muzaffarpur: Mohammed Imtiyaz resident of Chandwara, a post graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University, had decided to celebrate his first marriage anniversary which falls on November 18, with a difference. So he launched a campaign named ‘Unnoticed ka cloth campaign’. He kept cartons in masajid and temples and appealed charitable persons to donate warm clothes for the needy. He received an overwhelming response from the kind-hearted people and a large number of warm and daily wear clothes were collected. Imtiyaz then distributed the clothes among poor, needy, widows, orphans and destitute persons, living on roads, footpaths and shelter houses.

Mohammed Imtiyaz informed that he and his better-half Nikhat Ahmed wanted to make their marriage anniversary a memorable one. There came an idea of ‘unnoticed ka cloth campaign’. The campaign continues till date.

Imtiyaz had also helped the flood victims with a similar campaign. Generous people came forward and lend a helping hand to Imtiyaz.

Besides this Imtiyaz is also running a campaign against dowry. He himself had performed an exemplary marriage.