Michelle Pfeiffer reveals Judi Dench made her cry

Michelle Pfeiffer reveals Judi Dench made her cry

London: American actor Michelle Pfeiffer was in tears when she first met veteran Hollywood star Judi Dench.

Director Kenneth Branagh has made an interesting revelation that Pfeiffer was so much in awe of her fellow co-star that she was reduced to tears the moment she saw the veteran actress.

“The first time they met on the platform I was on the train watching them all getting ready to come on. They were so sort of shy with each other; it was like the first day at school” Branagh said, as reported by express.co.uk.

Pfeiffer and Dench are sharing screen space in Branagh’s directorial venture ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, which hits the screens today.

Branagh further praised Dench as the “den mother”, recalling how the 82-year-old actress never got off the train during the shoot.

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is the screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s detective novel of the same name. While the director himself has played a significant role, the movie also stars Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Daisy Ridley among others. (ANI)

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