Mob attack on NIA and UP Police team during investigation of RSS leader’s killing

Mob attack on NIA and UP Police team during investigation of RSS leader’s killing
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Ghaziabad: A mob had attacked on NIA and UP police team who raided a village in Ghaziabad district in connection with killing of RSS leader Gosain. The incident has occurred early on Sunday.

The NIA had raided the village on a tip-off from sources who informed about some suspects who supplied fire arms to the suspected killers of Gosain, a 60 year old RSS worker who was shot dead on morning of October 17 when he was returning after attending RSS meeting.

The mob started to fire and followed by pelting of stones on the team. The NIA team also fired in the air to disperse the crowd.

Constable Tahjib Khan suffered a leg injury when the mob pelted the raiding team with stones and even fired at them in Nahali village, following which officials too fired in the air.

The officials said that large crowd of both men and women were obstructing the team and the Official also added that “Some people even started firing, followed by stone-pelting. The mob also set up multiple roadblocks to obstruct officials from discharging their duties. In self-defence, Uttar Pradesh Police and NIA men also fired in the air.”

The NIA reported that it is questioning suspects Ramandeep Singh and Hardeep Singh in connection with the murder of RSS leader Gosain. On ther orders of Ministry of Home Affairs, the NIA took the case from Punjab police.
A FIR has been registered by NIA for murder and other offences under the IPC and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and the Arms Act.

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