Mob lynchings are the result of deep-rooted conspiracy: Nupur Sharma on Urdu Wala Chashma

Mob lynchings are the result of deep-rooted conspiracy: Nupur Sharma on Urdu Wala Chashma

Hyderabad: In the twentieth episode of Urdu Wala Chashma, Nupur Sharma explores the psychological, social and historical aspects that have expressed themselves in a distorted way through the lynchings of Muslim men carried out under the pretext of countering the so called ‘Love Jihad’. She condemns the mob lynching of Muslim men in the name of Love Jihad.

She quoted Javed Akhtar who says, love is a degree of obsession where family, caste, religion etc become secondary and the person whom you are in love with becomes top priority.

Nupur Sharma observes due to patriarchal society, parents don’t allow especially their daughters to marry boy of another religion. Besides, they have negative notions against other community.

Nupur Sharma laments upon the killing of Afrazul Islam by Shambhu Lal on the pretext of love jihad for personal reason. She also condemned the killing in the name of Gau-rakhsha.

Lynchings have deep-rooted conspiracy, she says and pointed out that they are backed by politicians for their political gains.

She observes, killings of Muslims in the hands of Hindu extremist mobs are the result of creation of an environment in India in which Muslims were dehumanized. She said those who kill Muslims are not Hindus but Hindutva vadi. They are suffering from a complex, a crisis of masculinity. They are brainwashed saying that Muslims did injustices towards Hindus. They attacked Hindus, kidnapped their women and looted their treasures. But she says it must be noted that the attacks were not Hindu vs Muslims. Hindutva outfits have developed a complex among Hindu youth, saying they were oppressed because they remained weak. Hence they must also become martial race.