The moon which descended to earth 1447 years ago

The moon which descended to earth 1447 years ago
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1447 years ago from today, in 570 AD, right a year after the destruction of lashkar-e-feel, clearing away the darkness of ignorance, a moon descended to earth, in the lap of a holy mother. The moon descended in the valley of Makkah. People thought he was an orphan but the orphan of Banu Hashim had come to wipe the tears of every orphan who would be born till the Day of Judgment. The moon above the sky was bowing down before the moon on the earth, who had descended to give a new light to the women community who were oppressed from centuries. The girls who were buried alive might be wishing, only if the Rahmatulil Aalameen would have come before our killings, we would not have forced to breathe our last beneath the soil. Even today the girls who are being killed inside the wombs of their mother might be begging to God to give a new life to Mohammed (SAW) so that he (pbuh) can save them from being killed.

When the light of that moon casted upon the slaves of Habsha their rank elevated instantly, and from slaves they became companions of Prophet (pbuh). The moon was none other than Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings be upon Him).

The moon not only cast light on the world during his lifetime but He (pbuh) is also brightening the world even after leaving the temporary world . He (pbuh) is remembered 5 times a day all over the world. We bear witness five times a day that Mohammed (pbuh) is the prophet of Allah, but unfortunately despite being the Ummah of prophet (pbuh), today we are humiliated everywhere.

Some unscrupulous elements, pretending to be Muslims are killing people in the name of Prophet (pbuh) who was sent as ‘mercy for entire mankind’. They are distorting the image of Islam, the religion of love and peace and giving wrong message to the world regarding the message of Prophet (pbuh). Not only this but these unscrupulous elements are trying to divide Muslims in factions.