Mother of 3 almost bleed to death after having contraceptive implanted

Mother of 3 almost bleed to death after having contraceptive implanted
Shannon Hubbard, Pic: Facebook

Queensland, Australia: Mother to three children, Shannon Hubbard, did not think that a contraceptive can almost kill her. 25-year-old Shannon can no longer get pregnant as an Intra Uterine Device IUD implant in her uterus went all wrong.

Shannon was told that she could expect a little bleeding, however, she profusely started to lose blood which got worse with time after having the Mirena implanted.

She told Bundaberg News Mail: “When I was losing that much blood with large clots, I knew something was wrong. I went to emergency, and by the time they got me to a bed I had bled through the maternity pad, my pants, and the wheelchair seat was covered in blood.”

However, even after the device was removed, her condition only deteriorated. “I had what they call hematogenic shock. I was getting really cold because I had lost so much blood. The doctors were trying to keep me awake by asking questions. It’s so scary how quickly you can go from sleeping to dying.”

After her first surgery, another surgery was performed and Shannon was taken to the ICU, where 17 bags of blood was transfused into her. Her partner, Corrie Gilbert said: “I was told I only had a few minutes to talk to her, I thought I was going to lose her.” In all, Shannon had to go through a trauma of three surgeries, one after the other.

The young mother regretting her decision urged other women to have more knowledge of these contraceptive before getting a device implanted.