‘Climate change is real…find solutions’: 11-yr-old to Trump in a letter

‘Climate change is real…find solutions’: 11-yr-old to Trump in a letter
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New Delhi: Showing concerns over the climatic changes, an 11-year-old schoolgirl, Paula wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump. Wherein she asked him to acknowledge climate change and find solutions for it along with other world leaders.

“Mr President, climate change is real…We only have one planet earth,” Paula said in the heartwarming letter. Her letter was personally delivered to the US president by the President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen, reports TOI.

Alexander Van der Bellen handed the handwritten letter to Donald Trump during a Meet and Greet reception for all heads of state and government during the UN General Assembly.

Austria President also shared a picture of the letter on Facebook.

Die 11-jährige Paula aus Wien hat einen Brief an President Trump geschrieben. ⬇️Jetzt ist Paulas Brief angekommen, denn der Bundespräsident persönlich hat ihn dem US-amerikanischen Präsidenten überreicht.

Posted by Alexander Van der Bellen on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Here’s full text of Paula’s letter:

Dear Mr President,
My name is Paula, I am 11-year-old and I live in Austria.
I am writing this letter to you because I have something important to say. I would be glad if you could take a moment of time.
Mr. President, climate change is real. People can see it all over the world. When our climate changes we are all affected. You and me. People in the United States, in Austria, in China, Norway, in big cities and on small islands.
You and other world leaders – Please work together to find solutions to climate change.

Now is the time to save our future. We only have one planet Earth.

Thank you for reading my letter, Mr. President.