A Mughal cuisine that takes whole day to be prepared in Old Delhi’s lane

A Mughal cuisine that takes whole day to be prepared in Old Delhi’s lane
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Old Delhi, famous for its mixed crowd and diversity along with some appetizing list of dishes in its list, has much to be explored. When meat and caramelised onions are simmered, along with a blend of spices cooked overnight, all that we are left with this special Kallu’s Nihari.

Without having a brand name on its shop, though a renowned one behind Delite Cinema in Daryaganj, Kallu’s Nihari is a famous point for food lovers. This cuisine is traditionally cooked and served at the hour of dusk.

The Nihari makers, who come from a single extended family with Mohammed Rehan, 28, as one of the youngest ones, rely on his grandfather’s recipe that he perfected by his father, Rafiquddin aka Kallu. He passed away two year ago, passing onto his speciality to his son Rehan.

The traditional Nihari uses 50 kg of buffalo meat from Monday to Saturday. Ghee is poured at 7 am in the wood-fired degh, then sliced onions and garlic are added. A few minutes later the meat chunks are added. After half an hour, the degh is stirred and chilli powder, a mixture of 20 spices are added along with salt. Dried and caramelised onion powder is then poured into the vessel.

Wheat flour is also mixed in water and added into the degh. As the stew slowly gets thick, the mixture is stirred with some good force. The degh is boiled for two hours and then is closed with an earthen lid, sealing it with a wet cloth. The Nihari is left to cook till 5:15 pm.

The crowd starts flocking in the lane and Rehan along with his other three brothers garnish the Nihari plates with green chillies, ginger and coriander, that is served with khameeri roti.

So, make Kallu Nihari a junction on your list while your next visit to Old Delhi.