Mumbai fire: Birthday celebrations turned into death for woman

Mumbai fire: Birthday celebrations turned into death for woman

Mumbai: A woman celebrating her 28 birthday at the restaurant located at the rooftop in “1 Above” above Kamala Mills was among the dead whose body was identified by her boyfriend said the Police.

The fire that broke out at Kamala Mills last night claimed 14 lives, with nearly a dozen of women found dead near a women’s washroom as witnesses claim.

According to the Police, suffocation is believed to be the cause of their deaths. The fire broke out around 12.30 am at the false roof at the “1 Above” restaurant and since the material was highly inflammable the fire also spread to Mojo Bistro next door which had nearly 150 people on the top floor of the building.

Kamala mills in central Mumbai was a famous nightlife hub for party goers with many hubs evolving around it including several media houses located in the vicinity are reported disrupted due to the fire.

The fire took nearly three hours to be contained. The Police has registered a case against “1 Above”.

Dr Sulbha KG Arora, a Mumbai doctor, who was also at the restaurant when the fire broke out somehow managed to escape before it got really serious said in her tweets: “Before we knew it, the whole place was engulfed in a matter of seconds. There was a stampede and someone pushed me. People were running over me even as the ceiling above me was collapsing in flames. Still, don’t know how I got out alive. Some powers were definitely protecting me,” calling the incident the “scariest thing I have ever survived,” NDTV reported.

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