Mumbai: Muslim, Sikh, Dabbawalas turn servants for protesting farmers

Mumbai: Muslim, Sikh, Dabbawalas turn servants for protesting farmers

MUMBAI: As thousands of farmers, carrying red flags turned Azad Maidan into a sea of red on Monday morning, people from all sections of Mumbai joined hands to support only one cause. Humanity.

As farmers which includes a group of peasants — men, women, youth and even seniors marched towards Byculla junction, members of Muslim community waited for hours with ready food which includes water, dates and biscuits to be distributed to them.

As the peasants shared their heart-wrenching stories, members of the Sikh community too distributed food to the marching farmers.

The famed ‘Dabbawalas’, the tiffin-carriers known for their efficient delivery service, provided food to the protesters as a part of their ‘roti-bank’ initiative.

Meanwhile, city residents were also seen offering ‘Vada-pav’ (a popular street snack), other food items and water to farmers. A Mumbai resident also posted on social media a picture of food and water being distributed to farmers.

Many NGOs and social workers from across religions have come forward to provide water and food to these farmers.

If one group provided nearly 500kg of food grains to the farmers who camped, then another concerned group through a social messaging app, mobilized footwear for the farmers, who walk barefoot on the highway with  blistered and cracked feet.

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