Murdered guard’s son, four others held for multiple killings

Murdered guard’s son, four others held for multiple killings

New Delhi: The police announced on Wednesday the arrest of five men for the brutal killings here of an elderly woman and her three daughters besides their security guard, who was an accomplice in the crime but ended up getting murdered too.

The guard, Rakesh, 42, had helped the five who have been arrested and two others to get into the residence of Urmila Jindal, 82, and her daughters, Nupur, 48, Sangeeta, 56, Anjali, 38, in east Delhi’s Mansarovar Park.

Once they had killed all the women and looted the house of cash and jewellery, the killers feared the guard might crack under police interrogation and ended up killing him too. His own son, Anuj, pounced on the father and slit his throat.

This left the police without any solid clues to work on since there was no CCTV in the house either.

Police finally managed to arrest the five criminals, including Anuj, Vikas, Sunny, Neeraj and Vickey.

They were taken into custody late on Tuesday with Rs 50,000 and some of the jewellery they had looted. The arrests were made in Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. Two more accomplices, Nitin and Deepak, are on the run.

The gory crime took place on the night of October 6-7.

“During investigation, we found that the accused had intimate knowledge of the human body. All the bodies were found with their throat slit,” Joint Commissioner of Police Alok Kumar said.

Kumar said guard Rakesh’s son-in-law Vikas worked as a sweeper in Delhi’s GTB Hospital.

On sustained interrogation, Vikas confessed to committing the crime along with the others.

On September 25, the accused conducted a recce of Jindal Oil Mills in Mansarovar Park where the house was located.

On the night of the crime, they switched off their mobile phones, hired two auto-rickshaws from Ghaziabad’s Loni border and reached the house where Rakesh worked.

“Rakesh got them inside the house and took them all to the first floor. He knocked at the door and told Urmila Jindal about the arrival of his son-in-law and other relatives.

“Nupur opened the door and told him to take them to the guard’s room. As she turned to go back inside, Vikas held her from behind and slit her throat with a knife. They then stabbed and slit the throats of the mother and her two other daughters,” the officer added.

Within an hour, they ransacked the house of jewellery and cash. Before fleeing, Anuj decided also to kill Rakesh, his own father. He slit his throat on the ground floor, Kumar added.

Another officer said the accused later met in a park near GTB Hospital and divided the booty among themselves.

With no CCTV camera installed in the huge house, police found it difficult to crack the case. “If the family had installed CCTV cameras, the accused would not have dared to commit the crime,” the officer said.

Anuj was previously involved in a robbery at a liquor godown in Faridabad while Neeraj had been charged under the Arms Act in 2014 in Ghaziabad.

The police are also suspecting the role of Rakesh’s wife in the crime.

The crime came to light on October 7 when neighbours and a nephew of Urmila Jindal found guard Rakesh in a pool of blood in the parking area.

Over 40 persons of the same family stay in the two-storey building of Jindal Oil Mills.


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