Muslim shopkeeper in Aligarh promotes brotherhood

Muslim shopkeeper in Aligarh promotes brotherhood

Aligarh: “Naim Gotey Waley” a popular Muslim shop situated in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh is playing a key role in strengthening the secular fabric of our country.

Since many years the shop has been carrying out the business of making and selling outfits of Hindu Gods and Goddesses along with the crowns, garlands, jewellery and many other worship materials.

The shop is frequented by several Hindu people without any kind of religious baisedness and the way in which this Muslim family has been running the Shop tells us about their faith in other religions.

The whole Muslim family is involved in this business and the work is equally divided among everyone. Much pressure is felt during the time of Navaratra’s, when there is a surge in the demand of products.

But whatever the work is, they do it with full dedication, without any kind of bias for anyone. With their selling of Hindu Deity garments, the artisans of the shop have proved that religion is not a medium of dividing people but uniting them.