‘My husband & brother-in-law are not terrorists’: Naseem’s wife

‘My husband & brother-in-law are not terrorists’: Naseem’s wife
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Gorakhpur: Wives of Naseem Ahmed and Arshad Nayeem, who are accused in terror funding charges, have declared their husbands innocent. Naseem’s wife Nazneen alleged that her husband and brother-in-law have been implicated in the false case. She said my husband runs a business; after work, he comes straight to the house. Those who are jealous of the prosperity of the business have implicated him and his brother, she claimed.

Nazneen got married to Naseem in 2003. She says they are not provided with any information regarding her husband and brother-in-law, like where are they remanded etc. Nazneen says when the mobile target is completed the companies give them tour offer to a foreign country, then they would visit abroad. Regarding their property, she said our land, house, shop and car all are on loan.

According to Nazneen, Naseem’s father Nayeem is a cancer patient. He gets treatment in Singapore, they visit Singapore in connection with his treatment. She denied owning any office or property in the foreign country.

According to Punjab National Bank AGM Nayeem & Sons have a loan of 3.27 Cr in the bank. AGM Birender Dhawan told that Nayeem & sons are one of their good customers. They pay loan instalment on time. He informed that the company has taken 1.50 Cr CC loan and 95 lakh ODIF loan for the business for which property has been keep as surety. They have also taken 70 lakh home loan and 12 lakh car loan. He said in case of non-repayment of loan bank will take action as per the procedure.