Naidu shattered Modi’s charisma: Courageous step of kingmaker

Naidu shattered Modi’s charisma: Courageous step of kingmaker

Hyderabad: At last, CM of AP and President of TDP, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu refused to bear the burden of communal elements on his shoulders.

The courageous decision of Naidu to pull out support for NDA Govt. and to table “No Confidence Motion” in Parliament has shattered the image of the communal elements that no one is dare enough to challenge Modi.

Mr. Naidu who has been championing the cause of AP for getting special status got the strength of dissociating TDP from NDA has once again elevated the status and self-dignity of Telugu people.

It seems that this decision of Naidu crushed BJP. The supporters of Modi had created a hoax that no one is dare enough to raise his voice against Modi but the Messiah of Telugu people, Mr. Naidu showed the place to them.

It may be noted that Naidu was the first leader who had condemned Modi for his role in the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002. In fact, he had demanded Modi’s resignation as CM of Gujarat when he was an important member of the then NDA. He had even said that Modi has lost his moral right to continue as CM of Gujarat. He had also threatened Vajpayee Govt. saying that the basic principle of TDP is to follow secularism and on this condition, TDP had supported NDA. This time, the storm which emerged on the issue of Special Status for AP reached Delhi.

When Naidu felt that there is no coincidence between the claims and actions of Modi, he showed his place. Quite often, it is said that Naidu is a strategic leader and a king maker. This time he had shattered the strong citadel of Modi.

In a few days’ time, the bugle of elections would be blown. Mr. Naidu has made all preparations to turn down the carpet of Modi. Naidu who is famous for hitting the communalist has exhibited his full political strength in order to consolidate secular votes. It also encourages other secular parties to go against Modi. The decision of Naidu to delink TDP from NDA has created a new zeal among the Telugu people. They have termed him as the Messiah of Telugu people. TDP leader, Surya Rao applauded the courage of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu.

It may be mentioned that AP Assembly passed a resolution on Thursday congratulating Mr. Naidu on his 40 years successful public service.

–Siasat News