‘The Narendra Modi government is a terribly vindictive one’

‘The Narendra Modi government is a terribly vindictive one’

New Delhi: Sharad Yadav speaks about building opposition unity, his dilemma in Karnataka, his concern for Lalu’s health, the death of Nitish Kumar’s credibility and the difference between Vajpayee and Modi.

⦁ This Karnataka election is historic. The BJP has to be defeated.⦁ I am in a bit of a dilemma in Karnataka, because both H D Deve Gowda and Siddaramaiah are my friends.

⦁ I have always done the job of uniting the Opposition parties whether in the United Front or NDA. I will continue to do that for the UPA

⦁ BJP has allowed people like Ananth Kumar Hegde to speak against the Constitution.

⦁ Our Constitution stands for composite culture

⦁ Nobody recognizes anti-BJP, anti-Congress Federal Front of the Telengana Chief Minister K Chandrashekara Rao. You can’t have a Third Front. It doesn’t work in the situation that we are in currently.

⦁ Congress should be part of the Opposition unity effort. Mamata Banerjee has also made it clear.

⦁ Nitish Kumar’s credibility is finished. Whatever he tries to do nobody will take him seriously.

⦁ Nitish Kumar backstabbed the secular cause and also me, personally. He took away all the assets of the party that I had put in a lot of effort to build over the years.

⦁ I have resigned many times in the past, but this time they expelled me. Venkaiah Naidu, behaved, surprisingly, in a partisan manner.

⦁ This is a vindictive government. They have completely put aside the established political values of this country.

⦁ Laluji’s health is of concern to me. It was not correct to bring him to Delhi through train when he was so unwell. He has diabetes and has had a heart operation.

⦁ The difference between Modi and Vajpayee is like the difference that exists between the earth and the sky; between nothingness and the summit. They are opposites, and Modi is an anti-thesis of Atalji.


–Courtesy “The State South Word