Nazia and Nadaf among 18 children to get bravery award

Nazia and Nadaf among 18 children to get bravery award

New Delhi: 18 children who risked their life to save others, will get Bravery Award on Republic Day. 18-year-old Nazia from Uttar Pradesh, who helped local police capture perpetrators of an illegal business of gambling and betting, will be among the 18 children to receive the National Bravery Awards this year.

11 boys and 7 girls were selected for the National Bravery Award for the year 2017. They will be participating in the parade after being felicitated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 26. Narendra Modi will present them the Bravery Award. 3 among them are getting posthumous award.

The awards, given by Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) are divided into five categories — Bharat Award, Geeta Chopra Award, Sanjay Chopra Award, Bapu Gaidhani Award, and General National Bravery Awards. Nazia of Uttar Pradesh has been selected for the most coveted of the prize, Bharat Award.

Nadaf Ejaz Abdul Rauf (17) from Maharashtra, had saved some women from being drowned, risking his own life.

Other bravehearts include Karanbeer Singh from Punjab, Betshwajohn Peinlang (14) of Meghalaya, Mamata Dalai (7) of Odiha, Sebastian Vincent (13) of Kerala, Peinlang, Dalai, Laxmi Yadav (16) from Raipur, Mansha N (13), N Shangpon Konyak (18), Yoaknei (18) from Nagaland, Chingai Wangsa (18) from Nagaland, Samridhi Sushil Sharma (17) from Gujarat, Zonuntluanga (16) from Mizoram, Pankaj Semwal (16) from Uttarakhand, and Pankaj Kumar Mahanta (15) from Odisha.

Netravati M Chavan from Karnataka, Lalchhandama from Mizoram and Loukrakpam Rajeshwori Chanu from Manipur will be awarded posthumously.

The awards carry a medal, a certificate and a cash prize. Eligible awardees will also be granted financial assistance until they complete their schooling.

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