Need to examine, revaluate DMRC: Kejriwal to Puri

Need to examine, revaluate DMRC: Kejriwal to Puri
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New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written to the minister of state housing and urban affairs, stressing on the need to examine and reevaluate the DMRC, its “organisation, management, control and accountability”.

Kejriwal’s letter to HUA Minister Hardeep Singh Puri came days after the Centre agreed to the Delhi government’s suggestion for an expert panel to review metro fare hike.

Last week, Puri had written to Kejriwal, agreeing to the suggestion of a review by an expert committee acceptable to both the state and central governments, and had invited the CM for talks.

The Delhi chief minister said it had been two decades since the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) was conceived and it was time for a fresh and independent evaluation, primarily aimed at further reforms and improvement of the DMRC.

Regarding the expert committee, Kejriwal today said it should be “asked to examine and make recommendations relating to the organisation, management, control and accountability of the DMRC”.

He argued for the need to examine the organisational structure of the DMRC, evaluate the accountability framework and also make recommendations aimed at providing affordable services.

The letter suggested that the committee should make “suitable recommendations for reforms in the DMRC aimed at providing better and affordable services to the common man, especially in the context of its network expansion and rising ridership.”

In the letter, the chief minister suggested that an equal number of experts be nominated both by the Centre and the state.

“The central government may nominate one or two experts on the committee while an equal number may be nominated by the Delhi government. The committee members can then choose an eminent and independent person to be the chairman of the committee.