New Jersey: Money rains onto Highway

New Jersey: Money rains onto Highway

New Jersey: An armoured truck rained money onto a New Jersey highway, causing two crashes as drivers attempted to collect the cash scattered across several lanes.

According to ABC-TV, the incident took place on Thursday morning around 8:30 am at New Jersey where a truck carrying cash spilled a bunch of notes across the highway.

Video posted on social media show a Blink’s truck parked on the side and an armoured truck driver desperately tried to collect the cash on the road.

The total amount of cash lost is estimated to be a little under $300,000 (approximately Rs 2.15 crore).

The official urged the public to return the cash if they may have picked up and not to suffer any legal consequences.

East Rutherford police Detective Lieutenant Mike Gianscaspro said. “So we’re not looking to charge anybody, we’re just looking to get the money back to Brinks.”

That being said, police officials also confirmed that several people have come forward to return cash that they found.

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