New spyware detected: “Skygofree” can read your WhatsApp messages – Know the details

New spyware detected: “Skygofree” can read your WhatsApp messages – Know the details

New Delhi: “Skygofree” spyware which can read your WhatsApp messages, perform many other malicious activities is detected by Kaspersky Lab.

According to the report published in Hindustan Times, this spyware is highly sophisticated.

As per Kaspersky Lab’s report, Skygofree can record audio of the surroundings via microphone, access WhatsApp messages, connect an infected device to WiFi networks which are controlled by the hackers.

It is also reported that the spyware was initially discovered in the month of October 2017. However, more functionalities are added later.

Web pages resembling websites of mobile operators spread Skygofree. Many domains are registered for this purpose.

According to news published in Khaleej Times, this spyware has nothing to do with Sky or the Sky Go product, service or app.

Some versions of this spyware are developed with “self-protection ability” for Huawei devices, say researchers.

Researchers further stated that one version of the spyware is developed exclusively to target WhatsApp Messenger. It waits till the app is launched and then access information from the displayed elements on the phone screen.

Talking about the mobile malware, Ankush Johar, Director at Infosec Ventures told that malware asks for extra permissions to control the device. Thus, before download app, check what type of permission is asked by the app.