Nirav Modi travelling on revoked passport? Then why cant normal citizens? asks Twitteratis

Nirav Modi travelling on revoked passport? Then why cant normal citizens? asks Twitteratis

New Delhi: Fraudster and Fugitive jeweler Nirav Modi managed to travel several countries with a revoked passport despite Interpol’s alert said the CBI on Monday.

The fugitive jeweler managed to travel even when his passport was flashed by the Indian government reveals Interpol central database, NDTV reported.

According to the database released Nirav managed to take flights from New York to London on February 10, later flew from London to Hong Kong on March 15 and then took flights to New York to London on March 28 and from London to Paris on March 31.

Nirav’s passport information was shared in the ‘diffusion’ notice issued through the Interpol on February 15.

But though CBI shared the information sources said the Interpol branches of Belgium and US didn’t cooperate.

What exactly is diffusion? A diffusion is a less formal than a red corner notice – a request to the Interpol seeking the arrest of a person or any information on them.

“After the passport was cancelled by External Affairs Ministry, we had updated this information in the diffusion notice. The information that passport of Nirav Modi has been revoked was given in the Interpol central database, available to all the member countries, on February 24,” CBI spokesperson Abhishek Dayal said.

With the follow up received by the CBI requested from travelled six countries the data revealed says he did manage to fly with the revoked passports.

So what difference did it really make after revoking his passport? Was this a wise decision by the Central government who could not manage to bring the fugitive back to the country nor could manage to bring back the money he swindled to foreign countries.

Reacting to this many twitteratis took to twitter making fun of the failure of the system.

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