Nisar Ahmed: The Indian Bolt

Nisar Ahmed: The Indian Bolt

Hyderabad: Nisar Ahmed, a 15- year old sprinter had broken two National records in 100m and 200m Race.

He lives in a Slum area in Delhi, Azadpur’s Bada Bagh slum. His father, Mohammed Haq is pedals rickshaw and mother Shafikunisha, works as a domestic help.

Ahmed lives in a tiny 10×10 feet room next to the railway tracks.

Nisar Ahmed completed 100 meters in 10.85 seconds, and 200 meters in 21.73 seconds.
Nisar had broken the under-16 100 m records that was set by M S Arun in 2013 by 0.01s. He was even 0.3s faster than Chandan Bauri in 200m, who had set the mark in the same year.

His father Mohammed Haq says that “This is where we live and we still harbour the dream of seeing our son make it big in athletics. It’s been over one-and-a-half years since I borrowed Rs 28,000 for my son’s athletics career. It was to buy spikes, sports gear and for his diet. I haven’t been able to repay it.”

He further added that “He is very dedicated and hardworking. The amount of effort he puts into everything is something even I can’t do.”

Mr. Sirajuddin Ajmal, Member of Parliament from Barpeta, Assam and also Director of Ajmal group of companies, had announced that his company would pay Rs 25000 every month to Ajmal so that it could help him and his family. Further this amount will be increased to Rs 50000 per month.