No Aadhaar card No paid Sex, pimp in Goa demands

No Aadhaar card No paid Sex, pimp in Goa demands
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Goa: Linking Aadhaar to every essential government service has become a common phenomenon but pimps in Goa are now demanding Aadhaar cards from their customers to connect them to the girls for paid sex.

The Aadhaar has been made compulsory by the pimps because they want to ensure that customers are genuine and not cops. The demand has grown after there have been intensified crackdown on prostitution in the state.

According to the report of Times of India, recently 5 men from Delhi sought for paid sex in Goa. They contacted the pimp and sought 5 girls. The pimp has asked for Aadhaar numbers of the customers so that he could verify whether they were genuine customers and not police. The men from Delhi were told to send photos of their Aadhaar cards through WhatsApp. The men complied with the demand of the pimp.

Basically, Aadhaar was intended to verify the people who receive government subsidies and benefits so that leakages in the system could be plugged. Moreover, various departments of the government have recommended to link Aadhaar to everything from Birth certificates to mobile numbers and educational degrees. Many private companies and other agencies have started to demand Aadhaar number before providing their service.