“No parallel to Hyderabadi culture, love, affection” – Girl students of Texas University

“No parallel to Hyderabadi culture, love, affection” – Girl students of Texas University

Hyderabad: There are many languages spoken in the world. There are also people who speak languages other than their mother tongue. They are crazy about learning other languages. Such persons are found in universities and diplomatic services.

It is also said that Mandarin is the largest spoken language in the world but it is also a fact that most of the speakers of Mandarin language belong to China. Urdu is the only language which can compete with Mandarin. It is a language which is spoken in every nook and corner of the world. It has so much strength that it does not take into consideration any pressure or discrimination. Even its opponents have its couplets on their tongues.

In the University of Texas, Urdu and Hindi are taught regularly. Prof. Syed Akbar Haider led a delegation of the students who are learning Urdu and Hindi in Texas University. This delegation visited Hyderabad and called on the Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan.

Talking to Editor of Siasat, they told that Urdu is a sweet language. In the USA, there are sizeable speakers of Urdu language.

In a response to a question, Miranda Atkins told that she is learning Urdu and Hindi in Lucknow and Jaipur. She also uttered an Urdu couplet. She is studying Linguistics and wants to do Ph.D.

All the girls liked Hyderabad City. They visited Charminar, Makkah Masjid, Golconda Tombs and other places of historical importance.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan read out the couplets on the exhibits of calligraphy to them.

It may be mentioned that Prof. Syed Akbar Haider has been bringing American Students to Hyderabad for the past 10 years. He and his students are very much impressed by the writing of Mr. Mujtaba Husain.

–Siasat News