Is North Korea’s President Kim Jong-un on a sudden visit to China?

Is North Korea’s President Kim Jong-un on a sudden visit to China?

Beijing: Since 2011, North Korea’s president has not stepped outside the country but recently according to the speculations of beefed up security in China’s capital, the arrival of a special heavily guarded train in Beijing and unusually heavy security at a guesthouse where prominent
foreign dignitaries from North Koreans have stayed in the past all indicate towards North Korea’s President Kim Jong-un arrival in China.

Since China has always been one of the trusted allies of North Korea, it is speculated Mr. Kim has arrived in Beijing.

Mr. Kim has summits planned with South Korean President Moon Jae- starting mid-April while Summit with Donald Trump is scheduled for May.

The bilateral relations between North Korea and China have chilled lately due to the new developments by Kim Jong but China is still a good ally of North Korea.

Japanese Network NTV, as well as NHK broadcasters, reported about a vehicle convoy of foreign dignitaries have entered the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on Monday evening followed by a military honour guard and heavy security at the Guesthouse.

Neither officials from China confirmed the reports nor North Korea’s state-run media reported about the sudden delegation visit to China.

South Korea’s presidential office said it cannot confirm the news either today.

While NTV reported a similar vehicle convoy, a green and yellow train to that of the former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong-un’s late father, which arrived to 2011 in Beijing accompanied with 21 cars has appeared in Beijing.

The video footage aired on NTV also showed black limousines waiting at the train station with rows of Chinese soldiers marching on the Train Platform. However, the video does not show anyone getting off the train.

White House spokesman Raj Shah also maintained U.S. could not confirm the speculated visit of Kim Jong to China, Hindu reports.