If we do not wake up we will be doomed

If we do not wake up we will be doomed

RSS chief has openly said that violence and extremism for Hindu Rashtra are justifiable. Muslims are killed and exploited in all BJP ruled states like UP, Rajasthan, Bihar and Bhopal. Muslims are the most targeted community. Be it GST or demonetization Muslims were to bear the brunt. Muslims would be the one to suffer badly economically.

RSS has always been saying that all the Muslims of the country are converted. It says it is not against Muslims but against those having Islamic thoughts because one day there will be ‘Ghar Wapasi’ of Muslims.

For Muslims, every coming day is worse than the previous one. All the criminals who killed Muslims did fake encounters, demolished masajid have been acquitted. Muslims are persecuted from all fronts. If Muslims raise a green flag it becomes the flag of Pakistan. They are asked to prove their patriotism. The mutton of Mohammed Akhlaq’s fridge becomes beef, and he is mercilessly slaughtered in his own house.

Gau rakshaks having are roaming in every nook and corner of the country with trishuls in their hands to grab every opportunity to kill Muslims. Government is silent, RSS is silent, the judiciary is silent, Muslims are silent and justice is silent. Media tries to declare Muslims as anti-nationalists and traitors.

Several Muslim women were raped during the past 4 years but no voice is raised against it. Banners were put up in Hindu Sabhas to make 2200 Muslim girls daughters-in-law but no one objected. Nothing is done to the killers of Pehlu Khan and Afrazul.

Muslims are distracted towards other issues like Babri Masjid, Muslim Personal Law etc.

In short, we are in an era where Muslims are on the target. The government, military, police, secret agencies, judiciary, all are against us. We need to wake up from the deep slumber and be united. If we do not prove ourselves as a living community we will be ruined.