Now order Pizza Hut through sneakers

Now order Pizza Hut through sneakers

New York: Pizza lovers, Rejoice! You can now order Pizza Hut through sneakers. Yes, you read that right.

In its latest technology innovation in the United States, Pizza Hut has concocted a fresh way to deliver your favorite pie to you – your sneakers.

For the second straight year, the pizza chain rolled out ‘Pie Tops’, a marketing stunt featuring a pair of high-top basketball sneakers capable to sending an order with the press of a button.

Zipporah Allen, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, said the original Pie Tops garnered enough interest to push the chain to make them available for sale, with new colors and additional sizes.

“During the launch, we saw digital sales grow, increased traffic in Pizza Hut searches, and a lift in brand interest,” USA Today quoted Allen as saying, of the original Pie Tops’ impact last year.

The modified Pie Tops this year offer a new feature; one can pause live TV as they head to the door to grab their pizza.

The Pie Tops II are on sale now for USD 150 through retail site

Unlike last year, when Pizza Hut gave away a handful of Pie Tops, 50 pairs of the sneakers will be available for purchase online. (ANI)