NRC: survey report claims Assam could experience human crisis

NRC: survey report claims Assam could experience human crisis

Kolkata: A fact-finding team from Delhi arrived at Assam for a ground-zero assessment of the problems that lie with the updation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Human rights organization – United Against Hate (UAH) took the initiative in this regard. The team comprised of SR Darapuri, former inspector general of Uttar Pradesh Police, senior journalist Amit Sengupta and activist Nadeem Khan and other nine members. The team with a goal to gauge the existing scenario of Assam compiled a report which was released at the Kolkata Press Club on Wednesday by Amit Sengupta, Nadeem Khan and senior journalist Debashis Aich.

Speaking about their experiences, Sengupta said we realized that it was the women who are the worst affected by the NRC being updated. About 3000 people were sent to the prisons and asked to prove their Indian citizenship.

Nadeem Khan, who is also the convener of UAH, revealed that along with many Bengali speaking Muslims, Bengali speaking Hindus are also affected by it. He claimed that there is no religion-based discrimination in Assam but the discrimination was on the basis of the language – Bengali.

The report further adds that the government’s move or decision to support the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 are making things more complex. He concluded that both the ruling and opposition party are not bringing in a proper solution to have it resolved.

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